All options to go from Madrid airport to downtown


Barajas Airport in Madrid

The Madrid transport network It is one of the most modern in the world, really good and easy to use.

And we say it from our own experience, since by residing in Madrid and live traveling continuously, the airport It is like our second home and we are very used to using it to make this journey almost every week.

That is why we know well cwhat are the alternatives to move between the airport and the city center, which is the first concern of someone who arrives in Madrid in order to go to the hotel where he is going to stay.

Commuter train from the airport to the center of Madrid

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How to get from Madrid Barajas airport to downtown

From our experience using public transport for this same route, we will indicate all options to go from the airport to the center of Madrid, with some tips and tricks that will facilitate your transfer.

At the outset we will tell you that luckily Madrid offers many alternatives, which is facilitated by having only one airport, that of Decks, now with the name of Adolfo Suarez.

There are so many options that, in reality, when making the decision, you have to take into account aspects such as the time at which you are going to make the journey or the area of ​​the city you are going to.

The combination of these two variables is very important because there are peak hours in which large traffic jams are formed, and although the Madrid-Barajas airport It is less than 20 kilometers from the center, choosing the right transport can make you waste a lot of time.

If you do not want to complicate. The most comfortable option is to book online private transfer between the airport and the center of Madrid, so that a driver picks you up and takes you directly to your hotel.

After indicating when you make your reservation to Madrid for your flight, the driver will be waiting for you right at the exit of the terminal with a sign with your name.

You also have this option if you want to make the opposite route to the airport, going to look for you at your hotel at the time you indicate.

It can't be more comfortable because they are waiting for you right at the exit and you don't even have to be looking for where the subway, bus or taxi stops are, or the connections you have to make to get to your hotel.

He transfer You can also ask for it not only if you come or come from Baraja airportYes, but you can also request it for trips from the main Train Stations (Chamartin and Atocha) to your hotel if you are moving through Spain in the High Speed ​​train (AVE).

It also has another advantage, and it is that by hiring this service you guarantee punctuality and avoid possible strikes or various incidents related to transport that usually happen in all the cities of the world, and from which a tourist is difficult to find out.

If your flight arrives at or departs from Madrid at an hour when there is no longer public transport, in our opinion it is the best option, even ahead of the taxi, Cabify or Uber, which also operate in the capital of Spain.

And although it is not the cheapest option, it certainly seems a very cheap price for transport with private driver, and more if it is a small family or friends.

Depending on the people traveling, prices vary between 36 euros for a vehicle of up to 3 seats (12 euros per person) and 8o euros for a minibus of up to 14 seats (6 euros per person).

If you need an intermediate vehicle of up to 6 seats, the price is 50 euros.

And it is also the best option if you are loaded with a lot of luggage because, in practice, it can be convenient to move by subway, train or bus with large luggage.

Here you have the information to book the private transfer between the airport and the center of Madrid.

Metro at Madrid airport

How to go by Metro from the airport to the center of Madrid

Within the different public transport options in Madrid, he Subway We think it's the best.

It is fast, punctual, you avoid traffic jams, it is well connected with the entire transport network and from the airport there are trains continuously every 8 minutes.

Of course, it is the most complicated of all the options because the Metro network has 294 kilometers Distributed in 301 stations.

To move well through the Subway There are two things to keep in mind so as not to get confused, because when buying the ticket you need to put the station you are going to and the line in question.

Where is the Metro station at the Madrid airport?

As the Madrid-Barajas airport it's so big, it has two stations at the airport, one at the terminal T4, which is the last stop of the line, and another prior to the terminals T1, T2 and T3, and among them, the station of Barajas town.

Actually the Metro station is at the height of the T2 but can be reached on foot from T1 and T3.

There is also a free bus which allows you to move between the different terminals if you need it.

Book hotel for your trip on

And on the other hand you have to know that the Metro line that goes from the airport to Madrid It does not take you directly to the historic center of the city, but you must make a change of line to reach downtown stations such as Spain Square or Sun Gate.

The Metro lines in Madrid they go by numbers and colors, and the one that arrives at the airport is the line 8 Pink color.

Depending on where you are going you should look to make the transfers and connections you need to go to the station where your hotel is located.

There are three stations where you can connect, Crystal Sea (line 4), Colombia (line 9) and New Ministries, where the airport line ends.

Metro at Madrid airport

In these stations you can change to a different line that takes you to different areas of the city.

As we have commented, the airport line (line 8) ends at the station New Ministriesin full Paseo de la Castellana, which is one of the main arteries of Madrid and connects with the dark blue line 10, which already takes you to the most central part of the capital.

From New Ministries you would also have the option of line 6 which is gray and makes a circular tour of the capital.

Prices of the Metro in Madrid

The other complication of go by Metro is buy the ticket given the options there are, but we will help you to understand it very easily.

He price of the bill It depends on the area where you start the tour and the station where you get off; at Madrid Metro map the different areas are marked, in which the price increases as you move away from the central almond.

But to guide you calculate that the price is around 2 euros a simple trip, although the ideal if you are going to be in Madrid, is that you buy the 10-trip voucher that costs 12 euros and that makes each trip a little more of one euro.

Our advice is that for visit Madrid you use the Subway because it is the best way to explore the most tourist areas of the capital of Spain

For move in Metro it is necessary to take out one red transport card, which is taken at the same station that costs 2.5 euros.

In it you put money as if it were a bonus and you are discounting the price of the ticket when you go through the gates to access the tracks.

How much does the airport supplement cost in the Metro

You can use the same card for several people, but the cardholder must always be present if requested by the reviewer.

Important that you keep in mind that the journeys to and from the airport have a supplement of 3 euros per trip.

Do not worry if you have not paid before going from the center of Madrid to the airport, because you have the option of paying the supplement in the machines that are located before passing the starting lathes.

Commuter train from the airport to the center of Madrid

Commuter train to Madrid airport

Another option that we love to make the journeys between the airport and the city center is the commuter train, and is recommended for certain circumstances.

Next to Subway It is the best way to get around Madrid, and in addition the train arrives at municipalities and surrounding towns that the suburban does not reach.

Depending on where you are going to stay may be even better option than the public transport par excellence in Madrid, the Subway, but yes, its frequency it's just every half hour.

He Surroundings It mainly runs through large stations that serve as connection axes with other points in the city.

The wagons of commuter train They are really comfortable and spacious, adapted for people with disabilities or carrying a lot of luggage, since there is no restriction on the number of bags you carry with you.

In fact on the train it is allowed to climb even bicycles.

Where is the train station at Barajas airport?

It is important to note that there is only one train station at the airport, which is located in the terminal T4, so if your plane arrives at another of the three terminals, you must use the free bus that moves you between the different terminals.

From T4 on commuter train goes through Chamartin then travel the central axis of the city reaching Recoletos (near Colon and Cibeles) and Atocha.

Then continue to Prince Pius going by Delight and Pyramids.

TO Chamartin you arrive in just 11 minutes and to Atocha in about 25 minutes, the station from which most of the trains depart High Speed ​​(AVE).

And if you are going to take one of these trains, in your price you already have included the ticket for the journey in Cercanías, which will be free for you.

You just have to approach the machines to enter the number of Combined commuter that appears on the AVE ticket and you print the ticket for the train at no cost.

For its part, thetrain journey time from the airport to Príncipe Pío It is about 38 minutes, and from there you have easy access via Subway to important tourist places like the Royal Palace, Plaza de Oriente, Debod Temple or Spain Square.

How much does the airport train ticket cost in Madrid

Another advantage of the Cercanías train is the price, since it is the cheapest option of all, since the ticket from the airport to the center is only 1.70 euros.

On the other hand, its biggest drawback is the frequency with which the train passes, only every half hour.

Taxis from the airport to Madrid

Taxis are another very convenient and fast option, except at peak times.

At any time, both day and night, you can take a taxi at any of the stops that are located right in the areas of Arrivals of each terminal.

There is a fixed taxi fare to go from the airport to the center of Madrid, which is 30 euros.

Yes, this flat rate It is applicable only to the interior of the ring formed by the M-30, which in practice is the center of the city.

If you go to any area outside this ring you will start to charge a supplement from the moment you leave the center.

With Uber or Cabify from the airport

To the option of the taxi you have to join the one of the vehicles VTC managed via mobile applications like Uber or Cabify, which are somewhat cheaper than the taxi.

Of course, you have to pre-book through the app and then go to the meeting points at the airport, while the payment, whose price is variable depending on your destination in the city, is made via mobile.

In practice we have never used it for a few years.

Express bus from the airport to the center of Madrid

How to go by bus from the airport to Madrid

One last option is that of go on the Airport Express Bus, which is highly recommended if you go to the Atocha station from any of the terminals other than the T4, then the ideal is to go by train.

From the other three terminals it will take about 30 minutes to reach Atocha on the bus.

It is also the cheaper alternative option than the taxi and vehicles VTC if you need to move overnight, when the Subway and the commuter train They are not serving.

At night the bus takes you only to the Plaza de Cibeles, where you can now connect with the urban bus night lines.

How much does the airport Express Bus ticket cost

The frequency it is between 15 and 20 minutes, and at night, every 35 minutes, and the Express Bus ticket price It is 5 euros.

To be honest, we do not believe that in most cases it is worth going by bus in front of the option of the bus lines. Subway and Surroundings.

How to get from the airport to Madrid Atocha

If you land in the Baraja's airport and you will move in bird to some other city or geographical area of ​​Spain, what interests you is to know what the best option to go from the airport to Madrid train stations.

And two are the most recommended options; If you are looking for maximum comfort, the private transfer; and among public transport, the ideal is the commuter train if parts of T4, and the alternative of Express bus or the Subway If parts of the other terminals.

If you are going to Chamartín to catch the bird which, for example, takes you to Valladolid or León, from T4 I remind you that you will arrive in just 11 minutes, and if you have to go to Atocha, from where most of the AVE trains, in commuter train You will arrive in 35 minutes.

In the case of Express bus, I remind you that it will take about 30 minutes to get to Atocha from terminals T1, T2 and T3, and it will be a more comfortable transfer than in Subway, where you will need to change trains.