5 places to see and visit on your Sedona route in Arizona


OaK Creek Canyon in Sedona in Arizona

In you trip to the west coast of the United Stateswhen you go to Arizona to make the essential visit ofGrand Canyon of the Colorado, you have the option of planning a visit to the Sedona region.

Sedona It is a small holiday town located at the end of a valley, in a beautiful landscape area where lush vegetation is mixed with Rocky mountains of reddish earth.

These landscapes will remind you of many Western films because in its time it was the scene chosen to film some of the most famous titles of this genre.

OaK Creek Canyon in Sedona in Arizona

To guide you, and consider this option on your trip through Arizona, Sedona It is located south of the Route 66 and north of Phoenix (160 kilometers, two hours).

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  • What to see in Sedona

What to see in Sedona

Specifically, from Williams, one of the most recommended places on this route, and town from where you will take the route that takes you north to the Grand Canyon, you will reach Sedona in just over an hour.

Sedona is the area that, after the Grand Canyon, receives more visitors annually throughout Arizona.

Then I will recommend five essential visits if you decide to plan a visit to Sedona.

Bell Rock in Sedona in Arizona

Oak creek canyon

Going down from Flagstaff to Sedona you will tour the canyon of Oak creek canyon, a valley through which the road runs along the river and you can see some of the most beautiful landscapes in this area.

It is in this area where you can see the “film landscapes” that characterize the Sedona region, and that so many visitors attract.

You will go along a winding road between lush forests and reddish mountains.

Rock Cathedral and Bell Rock

From the city of Sedona, a route known as Red Rock Scenic Byway, which will lead you to, possibly, the two great rocky mountains that are most famous in the region, Rock Cathedral and Bell Rock.

These mountains are icons of the Sedona region and in its surroundings you can take a hiking excursion.

Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona in Arizona

Chapel of the Holy Cross

In one of the mountains surrounding Sedona, very close to the city, you find a curious enclave, the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

It is a building built on the side of a rocky mountain, from which you have the best panoramic views of Sedona and its valley

This little catholic chapel With an original modern architecture, which is embedded in the reddish mountain, it was built in 1956 and shows its greatest splendor during the sunset.

The cross-shaped front has a large window that allows large amounts of light to enter inside.

TheChapel of the Holy Cross It is very close to theSedona city.

Jerome in Sedona in Arizona


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If you arrive from the north to Sedona by 89, before entering the city you must turn left on the 179, and about four kilometers we must take the roadChapel Road That will take you to the parking lot.

From there you will have to make a short walk to reach the platform where the chapel is located.

Jerome, typical western mining town

47 kilometers away south of Sedona you find Jerome, an old miner town dating back to 1876.

Located on the side of a mountain, its main street maintains the atmosphere of a typical western town.

Jerome It was built in 1899 from an old mining camp, and reached great importance in Arizona until in 1953 the copper mine that gave the economic boom was closed.

After spending a time of decline, Jerome today it has become a artist community.

Sunset Crater Volcano in Arizona

Sunset Crater Volcano

While it's not in the Sedona Valley, on the way from the north to it, specifically, just 30 kilometers north of Flagstaff, you can visit a curious volcanic mountain considered a national monument,

Its aboutSunset Crater Volcano, where you can contemplate a totally volcanic landscape.

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In this natural landscape, the contrast of reddish colors of sulphide and oxidized iron stands out, with the black of lava ash covering most of the terrain surrounding the mountain.

Therashesthat led to this landscape They took place between 1040 and 1100.

Since 1974 it is no longer possible to ascend to the top of the volcanic cone of this small mountain of 300 meters of unevenness, although it has a total height of 2,447 meters.

On your visit ofSunset Crater Volcano (After paying 5 dollars / person for the entrance), we will be able to walk along several paths that cross the remains of the lava rivers.

Of course, if you have had the opportunity to visit Las Cañadas del Teide or Timanfaya in Lanzarote, the landscape will not surprise you.