Coast to Coast (105) - This was the visit of Toronto in Canada


Panoramic views of Toronto from the CN Tower in Canada

In our tour of Canadawithin our road trip coast to coast, before heading to Toronto we wanted to complete our Niagara Falls visit.

In the hotel where we were staying there was no breakfast, so we decided to pay a good tribute and went to a chain restaurant Applebee'swhere we enjoy A true full American breakfast.

After finishing really satisfied, we went back to the falls, this time on the Canadian side, where we were walking for three hours, marveling at the parks and gardens surrounding the falls on this side.

The view is creepy, better than from the United States side, the wealth of all that nature with so much water, so much, flowing without stopping, liters and liters non stop. Falling down.

On the walk, apart from seeing the American side spectacularly, as from a box, we had the waterfall Horseshoe Falls a couple of meters away, yes, two meters away, with the water rushing in all its greatness.

Niagara Falls from Canada

We took many pictures of everything, of the water, of the vapor cloud that forms the Herradura waterfall as it fell, the contrasts between the radiant sun and the clouds, the mist, in short, could have been there hours and hours ... it was even exciting and emotional to feel that noise of happiness ...

About 13 hours we headed towards Toronto, 125 km, in a new stage of our trip.

Toronto, capital of the province of Ontario, is the largest city in Canada, in addition to the financial center of that country. In the metropolitan area of ​​Toronto live about 8 million inhabitants and is considered a global city and one of the main financial cities in the world.

Panoramic views of Toronto from the CN Tower in Canada

The city is the Anglophone Canada's cultural center and is the host of many national celebrations. The population is cosmopolitan and international and is an important destination for many immigrants to Canada.

Toronto It is the largest city in the world as a percentage of residents not born in the country itself: over 49 percent of the city's inhabitants were not born in Canada.

Due to the low crime rate, caring for the environment and the high standard of living, Toronto is considered one of the best cities in the world to live.

Climb to the Toronto CN Tower

The CN Tower (Canadian National Tower), with its 553 meters high, it is an emblematic place of the city. It is a structure not supported by cables on the mainland, the second highest in the world. Open to the public in 1976, it is considered one of the wonders of the modern world.

Panoramic views of Toronto from the CN Tower in Canada

After eating a hot dog and one crepe, we went to buy tickets for visit the CN Tower of Toronto. Before climbing to the top of it, we stroll through the wide interior of the base of the tower where there are several restaurants, souvenir shops and exhibition and meeting rooms.

We had to queue to access the elevator, and then climb up very, very fast.

The upper platform has two levels and, obviously, an immense, distant, clear view of all of Toronto, the lake Ontario and kilometers of territory around. The Seattle tower It was 160 meters high and the view was already beastly, because from here, ... without words.

Skyscrapers in downtown downtown Toronto in Canada


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We were an hour above walking around, watching and enjoying the fabulous views, photographing the immense skyline from Toronto "from above".

We also look at the explanatory murals of the tower, with the history of its construction, and we place ourselves on top of a place on the platform where the ground was transparent and the sensation it offers when looking down is really vertigo.

Aurora preferred not to put on that glass that also gives the feeling that you fall or you can fall. Logically all the kids stretched out on that floor that gave a huge void behind them and photos were taken from above with that infinite background, plummeting, behind their faces. Good experience at heights.

Downtown Toronto building in Canada

Once we got off the tower, for a few hours we walked through all the great center downtown from the city that, as we expected, was very cozy, with many restaurants and pubs. Pleasant walk that we take to go to an ATM, have some coffee and visit squares, gardens, buildings, shops and churches of various religious denominations.

After our nice Toronto visit, we went to the hotel, in the direction of Otawa, our destination the next day.

Toronto Photos

Here are some pictures of our visit to Toronto.